Instructional Designer

Program of Study

My program of study may look a bit different from other students. I originally began taking classes at UGA as a student in the Master of Education Administration and Policy program. While enrolled, I learned about the eLearning Design Certificate, which I began pursuing. The courses in the eLearning Design Certificate steered me to change programs from EDAP to EDIT.      

  • Spring 2017

    EDIT 6170E - Introduction to Instructional Design (Clinton)

    EDIT 6190E - Design & Development Tools (Orey)

  • Spring 2018

    EDIT 7350 - eLearning Evaluation & Assessment (Kim)

    ERSH 6200E - Methods of Research in Education (Ferster)

  • Summer 2018

    EDIT 6400E - Emerging Approaches in Teaching, Learning, and Technology (Knapp)

    EDIT 6500E - Educational Video Production (Choi / Braxton)

    EDIT 7520E - Online Teaching and Learning (Clinton)

  • Fall 2018

    EDIT 6100E - Introduction to Instructional Technology (Hill)

    EDIT 7500E - Management of Instructional Technology Projects (Branch)

  • Spring 2019

    EDIT 6190E - Design & Development Tools (Clinton)

    EDIT 6320E - Technology Planning (Kopcha)

  • Fall 2019

    EDIT 7500E - Project, Problem, Place-Based Learning (Kopcha)